Build, Launch & Grow

Impactful Courses,
Memberships & Communities

So you have an idea...

You’ve probably been sitting on it for months, thinking about it 10 times a day. The first thing that pops into your head when you wake up and the thing that keeps you awake at night. The idea keeps growing… and so does your to-do list! And you keep asking yourself the same question:  

How can I have the greatest Impact on my Community?

Chances are you’re an expert in your field; a fitness instructor, a health practitioner, a vocal coach, a carpenter – a service provider whose mission is to help the people you care about get more from their lives and careers. What motivates you to get up every day is sharing your knowledge and expertise in a way that really changes your clients lives and careers. But right now you’re stuck, because:

Your Impact is limited by the time you have to give!

You know you could be doing so much more, reaching so many more people, if only you had the time! You have to charge high enough fees because you have to make a living and there’s only so much time in the day for you to do 1:1 services. If only you could leverage your time and expertise better your impact on your community would be limitless. 

The 3 Ways To Increase Your Impact

Productise Your Knowledge

If you’re constantly working 1:1, for an hourly rate, trading time for money then you can never reach as many people as you’d like. The best way to start increasing your impact is with a Workshop or Online Course

Leverage Your Time

Each hour you spend working with a single person could be used to reach many with the same knowledge or resource. The most effective way to leverage your time is with a Membership Site

Empower Your Community

You dedicate a lot of time to offering free advice, sharing resources and helping individuals but you’re stretched thin and that advice could be put to such better use. The best way to empower your fans, followers and clients is with an Online Community

How I Can Help


You have a pretty good idea what you want to build, you just don't know how. I will help you clarify the foundation you need to build your platform and create it with you.


You've created your product, you're ready to sell... now what? I will help you orchestrate a launch to build a buzz & have clients queuing up to get their hands on your offer.


You've had a bit of success in the past with a workshop, course or maybe you've got a little membership already. Together we will scale your offering & your income

Not quite sure what you need?

Feel a bit like butter scraped over too much bread? I hear ya! Why not hop on a call with me and we can talk it all through. Your first 45 minute call is 50% off and you will leave with a recording, and a pdf action plan of my suggested next steps and recommendations.

Consultation Call

Work with me

Looking for ongoing support for a mid to long-term project? Here’s how we can work together.

Technology Only

I Build & Maintain Everything
£ 1500
  • Minimum Commitment
  • Work Can Include:
  • Website Development & Customisation
  • Membership & Subscription Systems
  • Site Content Restructuring
  • Setup & Configure LMS & Courses
  • Sales Funnel Configuration
  • Marketing Automation Setup
  • Social & Community Integration
  • ~20hrs Per Month My Time

+Marketing Assets &
Content Strategy

£ 2500
  • Work Includes:
  • Anything From Technology Only +
  • Landing & Sales Page Design
  • User Research & Discovery
  • Focus Groups & Beta Launches
  • Launch Strategy & Event Marketing
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Course Content Strategy
  • Course Resource & Asset Strategy
  • Community Management Strategy
  • Paid Advertising Strategy
  • Customer Acquisition & Retention Strategy
  • ~20hrs Per Month Total

+Content Creation
& Ownership Licensing

£ 4500
  • Work Includes:
  • Anything From Previous Tiers +
  • Video Creation & Editing
  • Course & Membership Resource Creation
  • Quiz & Assessment Creation
  • Copywriting & Email Marketing
  • Community Engagement Content
  • Live Streams & Online Events
  • Accessibility Content
  • Content Ownership Licensing
  • ~40hrs Per Month Total
The Works

Queries, Quandries, Qualms?

The only person more excited about your idea than you… is me!

If you have any questions or want to have a quick chat about your project, get in touch.